Celebrate the Greek way!

Feta is a crumbly, white cheese traditionally made in Greece

Did you know? Only cheeses produced traditionally in Greece with selected milk may use the name Feta.

Yamas! Mild Feta is made exclusively from sheep’s milk!

Yamas! Smoked Greek Cheese is made from Feta cheese that has been naturally smoked over Beech wood. Did you know? That if you smoke feta cheese, you can not call it feta? Only Yamas! produce Smoked Greek cheese.

Graviera is traditionally used in Greece, like Cheddar to the British and Gruyere to the Swiss! Did you know? That Graviera is Greece's second-favourite cheese! Yamas! Graviera is a rich sophisticated cheese.

Yamas! Halloumi Burger Slices are a must have for a BBQ, with their unique squeaky texture and savoury flavour. Did you know? Halloumi cheese is known as

Did you know? The term ‘Saganaki’ refers to various dishes prepared in Greek cuisine and is named after the frying pan in which it is cooked! Yamas! Saganaki is made exclusively from sheep’s milk, and tastes delicious hot!